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Welcome to the IAAEM website

Since the mid-1990s , the International Association of Aquaculture Economics and Management (IAAEM) has encouraged and fostered collaboration among economists, sociologists and other specialists in aquaculture. Our journal, Aquaculture Economics and Management, is published by Taylor & Francis, and as a subscriber you can access archived articles and information at the Taylor & Francis website.

IAAEM organize special sessions at international conferences of the World Aquaculture Society (WAS), and updates on conferences and other IAAEM activities will be provided on our website and included in our e-mail newsletter for members.

Our current president is professor Frank Asche at the University of Stavanger, Department of Industrial Economics, University of Stavanger, N-4036 Stavanger, Norway. E-mail: Frank.Asche@uis.no.

Please email us at IAAEM@uaex.edu if you have any queries in relation to IAAEM or Aquaculture Economics & Management 

New Award Applications (Dissertation/Thesis, Travel)

You can find new award applications for dissertation/thesis and travel under the student information. The application forms are also available for direct download below.

2009 Dissertation Award Application (PDF, 81Kb)

2009 MS Thesis Award Application (PDF, 80Kb)

Published on 01.03.2013

New website is online!

We are delighted to relaunch our website at  www.iaaem.org in a new design. A more dynamic management of the conten will help us keep the website alive and relevant together with our journal.

Please feel free to provide feedback on our e-mail IAAEM@uaex.edu

Published on 28.02.2013